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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Markets Are Information Junkies

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Yes, markets are information junkies. More, more, more.
  • If markets don't hear "enough", then they tank.
  • If markets don't hear what they "like", then they tank.
President Obama is between a rock and a hard place. Transparency and announcements will not promote market stability unless markets hear what they deem is "appropriate".

And the only thing that will make markets happy now is lots of money, no questions asked, no regulations, and that the government will take the bad assets and pay the companies handsomely for them. And everybody goes back to the way things were before the crash regardless of the consequences. Since Secretary Geithner cannot tell them that, then evidently we will continue to have a problem. Today, it was reported that markets reacted negatively to his "plan". Oh, that's so shocking.

My 2 cents: Come up with a detailed plan, share it only with the potential participants, come to an agreement, implement it and then make grand announcements for the media and the general public to dissect. Frankly, no one really knows how to fix it, especially those with the least amount of information - that would be everybody except the troubled institutions and the Government.

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