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Monday, February 2, 2009

History Made Today

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Well, I think real history was made today:

1. Hillary Clinton - a woman, a former Senator from NY, a former First Lady, a former Presidential Candidate, the only female Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party and the woman who engaged in the most competitive battle for the Democratic Nomination for President of the USA - was sworn in today as Secretary of State in the Administration of the man who beat her for the Nomination, now President Barack Obama.

2. Eric Holder - an African American, of Caribbean (Barbados) heritage - was confirmed by the US Senate to be the USA's first African American Attorney General, an event eclipsed only by the fact that it is in the Administration of the first African American President.

And, some may find this one controversial, but I just have to say it:

3. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) has accepted Michael Phelps' apology for his photograph with with Marijuana Bong. We all know who Michael Phelps is - the superstar American swimmer who took home 8 gold medals in the Beijing Olypics.

In a statement, the IOC expressed confidence that he would continue to be a "good role model" - a direct quote from the statement See Sports Illustrated story - The IOC Confident that Phelps will Continue as a Role Model Despite Photo.

Now this post is not about Michael Phelps. It's about Jacques Rogge

Now, the current President of the IOC - Mr. Jacques Rogge - is the same Mr. Jacques Rogge who chided, yes scolded as his very first response, the other superstar of the Beijing Olympics - Jamaica's Usain Bolt. Who is Usain Bolt? Let me remind us all. Jamaica's Usain Bolt took home
  • the Men's 100M gold in a World Record of 9.69s making him the fastest man on the planet and
  • the Men's 200M gold in a World Record of 19.30s by the biggest margin ever making Jamaica the only country to ever set World Records in both the Men's 100M and Men's 200M in the same Olympics and
  • took home gold in the Men's 4X100M in a World Record of 37.10s making him the only sprinter to ever set three world records in the same Olympics
He set a World Record in every race he ran in the same Olympics - all three races.

What exactly did Mr. Rogge say? That Usain Bolt should "show more respect" - a direct quote (See Story from AOL Canada - Rogge: Bolt Should 'Show More Respect')

And what did Usian Bolt do that made Mr. Rogge believe he needed scolding, and needed to 'show more respect'? And no, there was no effusive congratulations accompanying it. What was so horrible that Rogge completely dampened the euphoria the whole international athletic community, fans and well wishers all over the world, and the country of Jamaica felt at Bolt's success? Bolt congratulated himself after setting the 100M World Record and taking home the gold. Yes, he was accused of being unsportsmanlike. Oh, and Bolt's achievement was completely free of performance enhancing drugs. You've heard of performance enhancing drugs? They're those things that make the Olympics so scandalous.

Now, what do you think of the IOC's acceptance of Michael Phelps apology and accompanying statement? History? Yes! Double standard? Just a little.

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