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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear President Obama: Can I Be Your Commerce Secretary?

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Ok, so I'm not serious.

But I am seriously concerned about the fact that there is no Commerce Secretary after two tries. Bill Richardson had what we will call a "personal problem", and now Judd Gregg is having what's appears to be some version of a "conscience problem".

If you have followed this blog, you may have noted the post I dedicated to the announcement of the nomination of Bill Richardson - The Richardson Promotion. I invite you to have another look at it to see why I thought the job is so important today. It may not have been really important in the past, but in today's world it is getting more important by the second. In a nutshell, the Commerce Department exists to "promote, foster and develop the foreign and domestic commerce". With borders closing and joblessness rising in the US and worldwide, sounds like a pretty important job to me.

So President Obama, since you have not yet found a third candidate, let me volunteer. Here's why I'm asking to be your Commerce Secretary:
  • I believe in realism and have limited patience for ideology. In fact, I'm getting allergic to ideology. Here's how I see the world: What is the problem? What are the options? What are the constraints? What is the best solution given the constraints? When are we going to do it? Haven't we fixed it yet?? Hmnnn.....no questioning ideology there.
  • I believe even one more job is better than nothing. The more jobs the better. The faster we get the jobs the better. I do not support and cannot understand the school of thought that joblessness is not a monumental problem. The cost to society cannot be overstated. So, the stimulus bill that creates jobs - doesn't matter how much or what else is in it - is good enough for me as long as there are no constitutional violations
  • I believe that immediate relief is critical or the economy will become paralyzed. People without jobs become desperate and filled with despair. People with jobs just waiting for the "bad" to become" worse" are unproductive. A stimulus bill that provides immediate relief is good enough for me - as long as there are no constitutional violations.
  • States and infrastructure must get assistance to ensure that goods are produced and transported within the US and inside and outside the country. A stimulus bill that provides some form of assistance to states and infrastructure is good enough for me - as long as there are no constitutional violations.
  • I believe in getting along with the world, and interacting with other countries and cultures on a basis of mutual respect. C'mon, I grew up in Jamaica - we have no external enemies. We get along with everybody.
  • I believe in sustainable fair trade. Exploiting others is not only immoral, it only leads to diminished markets in the long term. Mutual opportunities for growth is the best way to proceed.
  • I believe that commerce can be a valuable tool for peace because prosperous people would rather go on with their lives as they see fit as long as they can afford it, rather than live in fear and terror.
  • I believe that the private sector is THE engine of growth. I did go to business school - twice (undergraduate and graduate). But I do believe that the Government must provide limited interventions where necessary, and more interventions if warranted to prevent complete market seizure or economic collapse. How long have we been talking about market seizure and economic collapse? And who was in power when the downward spiral started? Why Republicans are not in favor of Government interventions so that the private sector can quickly get back to its position of being THE engine of growth is just beyond my comprehension. Oh, wait - that would involve me taking time to debate ideology and we are just about running out of time for that luxury.
  • I am excited beyond words at the prospects of change and transformation to a green economy. Hey, two degrees in the environment and being raised in a gorgeous tropical island - what else do you expect? I know the green revolution is a "need to have"; it is not a "nice to have"
So, that's why I would want to be considered. But, since I can't be considered - could we have someone who thinks like I do, or is that asking too much? :)

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1 comment:

Bruces said...

Well, no bias here, but your resume is sound, your focus is dead on and although you are not espousing ideology your beliefs are in sync with the people and not special interests. I support your candidacy!

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