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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Democracy At Its Finest!

United States CapitalImage by _Robert C_ via Flickr

For those of us who believe deeply in democracy, today was a day to be very proud.

Despite the expectation that the House and the Senate of the US Congress would have a difficult task ahead in reconciling their differences to get a bill passed, within a day - yes, a day - they have managed to reach an agreement.

After what we have seen in the last few months in Congress, this was a much needed moment - not just to have an agreement, but to show that democracy can work, people can be civil, have their differences, but find a middle ground, and find a middle ground quickly.

This video is worth watching: House, Senate Agree On "Right-Sized" Stimulus.

Listen for yourself because Senator Baucus (D) and Senator Snowe (R) get it (list not exclusive of select quotes):
  • "this is the right thing to do"
  • "much is expected from those to whom much is given"
  • "all those who seek public office are expected by the people we represent to do the right thing, work together for them"
  • "bill will create 3.5 million jobs"
  • "turn the recession around"
  • "showing people who have lost jobs we care, showing people who may lose jobs that we care"
  • "showing the world that the US Government is standing up, is leading"
  • "a lot of give and take to meet American's objectives"
  • "gravity of circumstances"
  • "consensus based solution"
  • "critical time in our nation's history"
  • "the question is what works for this country"
  • "job creation"
  • "assisting those displaced"
  • "make investments in the jobs for future"
  • "jumpstart this economy"
  • "American people have the assurance that we can develop the solutions to make a profound difference at this very grave moment in time"
The legislation may not be perfect. No legislation is.

But these intentions, are as close to perfect as we will get.

Congress has done exactly what Congress exists to do. Well done!
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