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Friday, February 13, 2009

Is This For Real? Republicans Support The Bill But Don't Want To Vote For It?

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Is this for real?

Senator Specter says some of his colleagues support the bill but don't want to vote for it.

Huh? Are they kidding?

And politicians wonder why the general public by and large despises politics ?

So, if Senator Specter's colleagues are supportive but unwilling to vote, am I to understand that the House Republicans again provided not one vote in favor of the bill not because they have a substantial point of difference, but because they just don't want to vote for it?

So Republicans would rather have history record that they did nothing to help the people because they have elections coming up?

Is that what politicians get voted in to do? Stay in office by any means necessary, including doing nothing for the people who elected them?

So what's the point of democracy if you aren't going to say and do something constructive for the people? Are Republicans reading the world economic and political news? Do they understand what has been on the line since this crisis started? Is this going to go on for the next four years? Opposing just to oppose when so much is on the line?

Memo to House and Senate Republicans: Please think of the people you represent - all of them.

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