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Saturday, October 25, 2008

When elephants are fighting.....

One morning many years ago, I recall hearing a former Prime Minister/Finance Minister in a heated debate with his counterpart on one of the radio talk shows. The moderator tried to interrupt several times and finally, the former Prime Minister/Finance Minister said "When elephants are fighting, grass must not get involved". I must admit, it was a very effective statement - albeit that some may say that is harsh - because the moderator said nothing further while the two "elephants" went at it until the program ran out of time.

Now, the mascot for the Republican party is the elephant. Like true grass - not getting involved - I have watched in utter amazement the biggest fight of elephants that not even nature could parallel.
  • First, it was the internal revolution of the House Republicans as they opposed the Republican Administration's proposed solution to the crisis. Remember, after the hearings they refused to go to talks with the Democrats to find a middle ground and proposed a solution that no one said could work, including the Republican traders and the Republican administration. Oh yes, this was all in real time broadcast all over the world. and did I mention the Republicans are the ruling party?
  • Second, it was yet another internal revolution of the House Republicans who after the Republican leadership of Congress essentially promised that they had reached an agreement to vote in favor of the legislation, the world watched in real-time as the overwhelming majority of Republicans voted against the bill when it came to the floor
  • Third, the mass exodus from the current President's coattails is eye-popping. Everyone seems to be dissociating themselves from him and his policies although they acted differently for the last eight years. I mean, they did re-elect him and vote for his policies
  • Fourth, not to be outdone, now there are reports that White House "aides" have criticized the McCain campaign and expressing concern for the campaign's lack of interest in stemming what the polls suggest may be an Obama landslide. These "aides" it is reported, believe that McCain needs to show more interest in the loss of key Republican seats.
  • Fifth, conservative pundits and even former McCain supporters are coming out in droves against the selection of Governor Palin and the tone of the McCain campaign. Many of these people now report that they are being treated as outcasts by their own party.
  • Sixth, the McCain campaign is well, imploding is the only word I can think of. The two "mavericks" seem to be like oil and water - they just don't blend. It was always dangerous when the person who never went through the primary process - that is the VP pick - generated far more excitement from the base than the Presidential candidate. But now, after it has been obvious - at least to me - that Governor Palin appeared to believe that she was running for President, there are now actual reports that Governor Palin is just doing her own thing.

Well, I do believe that when elephants are fighting grass must not get involved. But the size of this fighting is extraordinary.

This is not just the ruling party having an internal revolution in front of the whole world.

This is not just the presidential and vice presidential "team" imploding in front of the whole world.

It's the type of fighting that really has me concerned:
  • refusing to talk which is unheard of in a democracy
  • rescinding promises threatening credibility in governance
  • fighting against your own President in such a visible way in front of the whole world threatening democracy, order and national security
  • a Presidential campaign with heated and unproven accusations about "socialism" "communism" "associations with terrorists" which is dangerously divisive and polarizing
  • the treatment of those who would speak their own opinions - so treasured in a democracy - which makes one believe that if it were possible to censor that people would be censored. Thank goodness for freedom of the press.
  • mutiny in a Presidential campaign which is unheard of for so many reasons, not least of which is that unity and support is the very reason there is a ticket, a "team"

Normally, I am happy to be grass. And I'm definitely not getting involved. But should all grass - meaning all non-elephants such as all people everywhere regardless of political affiliation or residence - really just allow themselves to be trampled into oblivion by this fight of mammoth proportions?

1 comment:

Deika Morrison said...

Incredible. The Anchorage Daily News - an Alaskan Paper - endorses Obama because McCain NOT Palin is the problem. Huh?


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