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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Baton Change for the Fourth Leg

No, I did not make a mistake in the title - it's just that the third leg happened so fast.

The second "runners" - The House of Representatives - did not drop the baton. Strong bi-partisan support and a sizable margin was a "great run". It was a smooth and successful baton change to the President. As the third "runner", the President addressed the people- and the world - and signed the bill into law in record time making the third leg another "great run" for the US team in this 4x100M relay run in the "Olympics of the Superpowers"

Yesterday, there was some repair to some of the damage that had been done in the last few weeks to faith in the concepts of governance and democracy. Smiles all around from elected representatives on both sides of aisle - at least in front of the world.

So back to my "Olympics of the Superpowers". Despite the "great run" - the last baton change and fourth leg of the race is yet to be run. And the American people are the "runners".


  • Because it is the American people who decide the next Administration and therefore the economic, social AND foreign policy direction of the Government. And frankly, they are not stated in order of importance. All three are inextricably interrelated and interconnected.
  • Because it is the American people who will determine if, how and how fast the economy will recover.

So, the baton change again is crucial before the runners can even run the last 100M of this relay race.

And what is the baton change? It is the selection of and transition to the next Administration

Some key dates for Americans to act - that is do something - in that selection of and transition to the next Administration?

  • Although some states have early voting. November 4, 2008 is the last day to vote.
  • If there is not a repeat of the 2000 Election debacle - which respectfully, America and Americans cannot afford that kind of extended uncertainty again after what has just happened over the last few weeks - then there will be a new President on January 20, 2008
So before I give my two cents on the VP debate, please watch this video sent to me by my friend and former classmate from the Wharton Executive MBA Program - The Story of Stuff

Because, in my humble view, if you watch that video and you have been following the campaigns, policies, platforms and pronouncements of the two Presidential candidates and, in this particular election especially the campaigns, policies, platforms and pronouncements of the VP running mates, then it should really be very straightforward how to execute a smooth and successful baton change - that is, which ticket to vote for AND get out the vote for.

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