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Monday, October 20, 2008

Can Governor Palin please clarify?

Here on this blog and elsewhere I have posted articles and comments voicing my concern for many aspects of Governor Palin's beliefs.

To be clear: I do not expect that I will agree completely with anyone seeking public office - I have said before that I am an independent thinker. That "thinking" comes from a deep rooting in several years of study of science and business, as well as experience and socialization.

Tonight, let me express the number one issue that bothers me about Governor Palin's beliefs because it goes to the heart of the basic human instinct of survival. I have specifically referenced her very notable record as anti-environment. Well, this is not just being "anti-polar bears"; it is "anti-people". Read this article in the Telegraph: Sarah Palin: Pointing a loaded gun at the environment?

Blue is the quotation from the article, and bold is my emphasis

"As governor of Alaska, she presides over a breathtakingly beautiful wilderness - but it also happens to be a repository of toxic chemicals, including arsenic, mercury, lead and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (BCBs).

Clearly, this is not her fault.

She doesn't run the mining, energy development, oil, and other industries that cause the pollution.

But as governor it is within her power to do something about it. Only she hasn't. All too often she has either done very little, or made matters worse.

Palin's administration, for example, opposed legislation, put forward earlier this year, that would have banned the flame retardant Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs), which affects brain development in young children, including memory and learning functions.

The toxic compound also causes thyroid problems, slow sexual maturation and significantly reduced sperm counts in adults.

Democratic state representative, Andrea Doll, from Juneau (Alaska's capital), tried to get Palin interested in her bill early on. "I told her about the bill," she says. "But she was totally not interested in any way, shape or form. It was that look on her face - that 'don't even go there' look."

Pollutants affect all of us. But in Alaska they are taking their toll. The birth defect rate in the state is twice the US national average; and on North Slope, the area that produces most of Alaska's oil, it's nearly four times the national average."

Does Governor Palin realize she needs people to govern? Who or what is she planning to be Vice President of? Since Governor Palin does not appear to be supportive of science, can someone explain to me what she thinks of years of proven research of the effect of the toxins mentioned? Can someone find out what she believes has caused the unusually high birth defect rate? Does Governor Palin have advisors who explain how toxins flow and spread and what they do and how difficult it is to remove them from the environment? Can Governor Palin just assure us that "We the People" are of paramount importance because her record here would not support that claim.

Now, is this my only concern with Governor Palin's beliefs? Absolutely not. But do I need to look much further than this? Hardly, people have to stay alive to have a opinion about her other beliefs. Personally, I have no intention of becoming an endangered species because keep reading the article - she doesn't appear to believe in protecting those either.

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