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Friday, October 17, 2008

Mais oui

In an earlier post, entitled "Oui, Oui, Oui....BUT BUT BUT", I commended President Sarkozy but continued my lobby for the developing world. Today, I read this nice bit of news from edmontonsun.com Francophone countries urged to show leadership in economic crisis:

Three critical pieces of this:
  • Diverse Representation: "“La Francophonie must shoulder the need for change,” he [President Sarkozy] told the gathering which brings together representatives from 55 countries and 13 observer nations of the International Organization of la Francophonie." See Wikipedia link here for the countries. Note the wide representation by continent, size, wealth (or lack thereof), and importantly island nations that have special environmental needs. Jamaica may not be a member, but we do have a lot in common with some of these countries.
  • Concern: "Prime Minister Stephen Harper expressed his concerns about the effects of the financial crisis on developing countries, which make up the bulk of la Francophonie." Did I see "concern about the effects of the financial crisis on developing countries"? Yes!! Let's keep up those comments about concerns for developing countries. And then let's do more than be concerned, let's give them a voice in the reform.
  • What is the opportunity and what must be avoided: "“The crisis should be an opportunity, the opportunity to shake off old habits,” said Sarkozy, arguing for a new-style capitalism that is based on entrepreneurs and not speculators who brought “the world to the brink of the abyss.” As something that spans a large geographical region, la Francophonie has the duty to take its place on the chessboard of international politics and not let one country “impose its solutions on the world,” said the French president ..."" "Not let one country "impose its solutions on the world"" - music to my ears. This goes to the very heart of the failures of globalization - imposition of the will of any one country on others.
And, then I picked this nice piece up from AFP: Sarkozy pushes for Africa, South America on Security Council. We already know President Sarkozy understands the gravity of the problem, and the need for reform and the urgency attached to this situation. But, here's what shocked me:
  • "But, "how can we imagine solving the huge problems of the world when our Security Council does not have a permanent member from Africa ... or from South America," he [President Sarkozy] said." WOW! Now that's more like it!

So my response: "Mais oui!" Mais means but; oui means yes. However, placed together, "Mais oui" actually means "Of course!"

When we see the outcome of this weekend's Camp David Meeting, I think I may have a "Dear President" post to President Sarkozy. He is on a roll.

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