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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hold Up, Wait a Minute

If you have been following my posts, you know I want a certain kind of "new global financial architecture". The world needs a stronger, more stable, more equitable and more sustainable global financial and economic system.

I talked quite a bit of the need for the inclusion of the developing world
(and not just those developing countries in the G20, thank you very much President Bush) in the dialogues to create that system I have described in this post in particular: Oui, Oui, Oui.....BUT BUT BUT

President Bush said he wanted ideas. So here's another idea.
  • Please do not assume that people who have studied developing countries and hold fancy titles understand how to solve the problems of the developing world. Frankly, that has been half the problem we have had - people who have not lived with the issues so they really do not understand the significant nuances that make or break all the never-ending proposals from time immemorial to "save the world". The developing world has been studied - almost literally to death. And no, they don't just need money. They do need money, but they need a new approach.
  • EQUALLY, please do not assume that people who have lived in developing countries and have held fancy titles also understand how to solve the problems of the developing world, yes the developing world or even their own countries. Frankly, that has been the OTHER half of the problem we have had - people who have lived in developing countries can have a tendency to believe they know everything and therefore are unwilling to learn from others.
So, here's who should carefully be questioned before they are allowed to pontificate about how to "save the world":
  • People who have made questionable decisions previously that have resulted in the utter destruction of economies. Yes, some of those names have been floated
  • People that make a living from the study of the developing world. Therefore, if there is no developing world then there is nothing left to study. Yes, some of those names have been floated.
Generally speaking, foreigners do not understand others. Generally speaking, countries don't understand other countries. This is not about country size. This is not about language. It does not matter how much you are alike or have in common. The fact is that serious cultural differences do exist. And they exist not just between countries; they exist within countries. To me, all of that makes the world a wonderful place. Others have not shared that view.

So before we come up with a litany of "things to do" to "save the world" let's check history because there have been tons of "missteps" that have resulted in serious "consequences". (I'm overloading on the diplomacy tonight) We need a holistic view of our problems as a collection of peoples on a single planet; as an interconnected world of peoples.

We have to get to solutions for the common good; not for the good one of one country. That was in effect what President Sarkozy has said. Respect for man; respect for the planet; respect for generations - the words of President Sarkozy. If we keep talking like this, and walking like this, we may just be on our way to meaningful progress. Certainly in Jamaica's view, because the one thing that this incredibly diverse country agrees on is the supremacy of respect.

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