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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What are they thinking?

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The House Republicans are at it again. And I'm totally lost.

The whole world says there has to be a stimulus, and it has to be big. This is really non-debatable. Experts have looked at the global economy and the trends. A stimulus is not a "nice to have", it is a "need to have"

Now here's where the House Republicans have completely lost me. They have ALL, yes ALL voted against it. So, I don't know what point they are trying to make, but here is the point they have made:

1) It was under a Republican government and a Republican majority in Congress that this economic collapse took place in the first place.

2) It is Republican principles of deregulation, self regulation, "all hail to the market", that caused the economic meltdown - no moderation, almost no or inadequate regulation. Now they say that the market isn't perfect. Really? Who knew?

2) It was under a Republican government and a Republican majority in Congress that a surplus became a massive deficit to fund a war in a foreign sovereign state, so now Americans - their own people who vote for them to sit in Congress to represent their own interests - are in danger of facing a prolonged recession and depression. Every American is hurting.

And what have the House Republicans done? Well, first they stalled. Then they said they had a better way. Well, excuse me but if they had a better way why is it taking so long for us all to see it.

I don't know about you, but I wonder if the House Republicans understand that people put their own lives before politics. And people generally think that they vote for people to be Representatives to "represent" them - that's what a "Representative" does.

I made a suggestion earlier that since there is a documentary on the Depression of the 1930s, it should be played on every television station repeatedly until people start making decisions based in reality. Sometimes I think people really do not understand the gravity of the situation.

To want bragging rights if the stimulus does not work is not only petty, frankly it shows little concern for the people who elected them to sit in Congress. Who cares whose fault it is if one cannot eat, one does not have a job or cannot find a job, get loans or get back their savings? Please, fix those problems, and then let's talk about whose fault it is or who could have done it better.

Right now, there is one President and he's going to do something about it one way or another.
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