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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Presidency in the age of instant gratification....

Now this is more like it!

Within 24 hours of the new Presidency:

  • White House pay has been frozen
  • Lobbyists have been curtailed with strict limits
  • Trials have been suspended at Guantanamo Bay for 120 days pending review for proposed closure.
  • Definitive statement that government will be transparent with specific directives for interpreting the Freedom of Information Act.
See video and article here

Mr. President, not sure if you can keep up this pace, but this is a great way to start! Oh, and by the way - love the language - simple, straight to the point, and definitive.
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1 comment:

kapo said...

Brillaint strategy. Go for easy stuff first. But there also seems to be signs of preparation for doing some heavy hauling. I think the selections for dealing with specific middle east problems suggests that some serious work will take place there. Impressive start.

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