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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Overflowing with Pride!

Although I decided not to trek to DC for the inauguration, I watched today's pre-Inauguration concert at the Lincoln Memorial on HBO. My mom and I sang along with the artists, and took in all the sights and sounds right here from sunny warm Jamaica.

And then, we saw Herbie Hancock and heard the first few notes of a very familiar song......"It's One Love", I screamed! Mom screamed! We called for dad!

I am told that the President-elect chose the songs - every selection had to be relevant to the moment. And OUR Bob Marley's One Love was a song for the moment. With immense pride we watched OUR, yes, OUR One Love by OUR, yes, OUR Bob Marley being sung as part of this incredible moment in history. We watched three accomplished and popular entertainers - Herbie Hancock, Sheryl Crow and will.i.am - in their own individual rights singing OUR One Love by OUR Bob Marley. They could have sung one of their own songs, many artists did. will.i.am did a wonderful addition. The cameras panned and we saw the Future First Lady rocking to OUR Bob's One Love, and then later President-elect Obama was rocking to OUR Bob's One Love. The crowd was rocking and singing. We even saw a small Jamaica flag and a big Jamaica flag. No amount of ad spend can top that!

I can't wait to watch it again, and again and again!


AJ said...

I watched it again already. I am sure HBO will show it many times over the next few days.

kapo said...

Deika, it is wonderful to see your joy. I know the moment is historic, but I felt that excitement in the leadup to the election. Now I just think of the work America needs to do. My view is that the decisive role for Obama is to give people confidence and he has been using all the machinery at his disposal to do just that. It verges on silliness (that Lincoln train ride), but it is intended to serve a purpose.

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