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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Treasury Secretary

OK - I cannot resist. I have two cents on this topic.

First, check this link to see the names supposedly in consideration so far.

My two cents for President-elect Obama?
  • Please don't rush - we already have a Treasury Secretary and the new one cannot even go through confirmation hearings until after you are sworn-in in January. Please let's not make the markets skittish unnecessarily. Please let's not make matters worse.
  • Please don't pick people for the wrong reason - like "they have already been vetted"
  • Please don't pick people so it looks like the return of any previous administration, and that does include a complete return of the Clinton administration - Bush43 did that and people did not like it. People expect new and fresh - that's why they voted for you. Experience yes, of course.
  • Please, if you must consider controversial people, please have anyone who may have said controversial things like "women aren't smart enough for math and science" deal with that issue.
Finally, please pick somebody who can do the job with credibility with the people AND the private sector.


damanimichael said...

and remind them that because you worked at Goldman Sachs doesn't mean your qualified (jon corzine)

Deika Morrison said...

LOL....I actually think he's very qualified.

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